Limestone Coral Reef Deployed in Gulf


Limestone Coral Reef Deployed in GulfIn celebration of World Coral Reef Awareness Day, Starborough Wine partnered with Reefmaker, the largest reef builder in the U.S., to deploy its first limestone reef two miles off the coast of Fort Walton Beach in June. It is designed to help maintain and rebuild ocean habitats off the coast of Florida.

To combat and help protect reefs across the country, Reefmaker has deployed over 50,000 reefs made of Florida Limestone which are comprised of ancient clamshells that perfectly match a natural reef in PH and substrate. Starborough’s artificial reef is located two miles off the coast of Florida and weighs 18 tons, stands 15 feet tall, and is 19 feet wide. The structure is able to withstand storms with up to hurricane 5 force winds and waves, providing a safe habitat for all forms of marine life.

Starborough also partners with Oceana, the largest international ocean conservation organization, and has donated over $100,000 to the organization since 2020. In August, Starborough will donate $1 from every wine bottle sold, up to $50,000, to Oceana to continue supporting their efforts in protecting ocean habitats. As the world’s largest international organization focused solely on protecting our oceans, Oceana helps restore and protect the biodiversity, abundance, and equilibrium of our oceans.

Starborough invites locals to play a role in a second coral reef deployment by engaging with their Instagram channel. If Starborough reaches 100,000 engagements (likes, comments, shares and new followers), the brand will deploy a second limestone reef. For more information on Starborough’s ocean conservation efforts, follow Starborough on Instagram @starboroughwine.